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  • ▶▶Smart, Safe and Fun: Trendy driving fun with our Self Balance Board. The Self Balance Board or Self Balancing Scooter has become an integral part of public life. With our Self Balance Scooter you experience movement in a playful new way.
  • ▶▶Highest Safety Standard: The safety of our customers is our primary concern. Highest safety for our Self Balance Board and its users meets the highest safety standards in Europe, thanks to battery cells from a high quality brand manufacturer.
  • ▶▶Outstanding Engine Performance: By using optimally matched components, such as tight wound copper coils and ferromagnetic N45 steel, the drive power can be increased by up to 50% compared to conventional electric motors. With powerful 2x350 Watt dual drive you can enjoy a speed up to 15km/h.
  • ▶▶Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights: You will no longer be alone with this self balance scooter! Integrated Bluetooth speakers play your favourite music. You can immerse yourself in the world you love the most, while also making you the focus of the crowd.
  • ▶▶Easy to Use and Perfect Gigt for Kids: Real-time sensors provide instant control. The integrated balance sensor ensures quick learning within just a few minutes and will certainly get you to your destination quickly. This 6.5inch hoverboard is just perfect for kids and beginners.
  • Technical characteristics:
    6.5” Self balancing scooter;
    Wheel size: 6.5 inch 
    Safe lithium battery
    Maximum Speed: <15km/h(depending on terrain, driving style and load).
    Motors: 2x350W
    Mini load: 20 kg
    Max load: 100 Kg
    Climbing Capacity: <15°
    Bluetooth compatibility: iOS and Android
    Charge time: 2-3 h
    Dimension: 584186178MM
    Chassis Height:30MM
    Pedal Height:110MM

    Included in the package:
    1 x 6.5” Self balancing scooter
    1 x UK Charger
    1 x User manual

    *Range per full load: up to 15 km (These data are based on product tests under ideal conditions, actual distance per load depends on wind speed, temperature, rider weight, rider style, road conditions, etc.)
    ▶Please fully charge before using for the first time. Pull the plug after charging to avoid overcharging.
    ▶Remember that the range of motion should not be too large, as far as possible to avoid excessive tilt.
    ▶Children should be accompanied under the guardianship of an adult, and the speed should not be too fast.
    ▶DO NOT swerve at high speed.
    ▶DO NOT start or stop operation on a slope, as to avoid damaging the self-balacning system or causing function errors.
    ▶DO NOT operate the hoverboard when the ""BATTERY LOW"" indicator on.

Mega Motion E1 Hoverboard 6.5 inch

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